Court Theatre’s 2013 Molière Festival will feature exciting new productions of two of Molière’s most celebrated plays. These two timeless classics will be reimagined by an incredible cast of 11 actors under the direction of  Artistic Director Charles Newell.


By Molière
Translated by Richard Wilbur
Directed by Charles Newell
May 9 - June 9, 2013

In a society where social graces reign supreme, the cynical Alceste causes a scandal when he refuses to play his part in the charade. Torn between his love for the coquettish Célimène and the pretenses he so despises, Alceste finds himself alone in a world where words are brandished like weapons and status is defined by style. Unwilling to play the hypocrite any longer, Alceste must decide his destiny. Artistic Director Charles Newell returns to his roots in the French Baroque to give this wickedly funny and deliciously droll comedy of manners new life.

By Molière
Translated by Richard Wilbur
Directed by Charles Newell
June 20 - July 14, 2013

A devilish comedy about the art of deception and the price of misplaced faith, Tartuffe reveals a tale as outrageous as it is insightful. When the cunning imposter Tartuffe wields a pretense of piety to capture the imagination of aging family-man Orgon, the scoundrel succeeds in insinuating himself into the patriarch’s home, throwing Orgon’s family into utter chaos. As Orgon’s foolish infatuation with Tartuffe’s fraudulent religious fervor grows, the depth of Tartuffe’s deception turns dangerous. Artistic Director Charles Newell combines his signature style with a contemporary approach to breathe new life into this classic comedy.


  • Erik Hellman as ALCESTE, in love with Célimène
  • Kamal Angelo Bolden as PHILINTE, Alceste’s friend
  • A.C. Smith as ORONTE, in love with Célimène
  • Grace Gealey as CÉLIMÈNE, Alceste’s beloved
  • Patrese D. McClain as ÉLIANTE, Célimène’s cousin
  • Allen Gilmore as ARSINOÉ, a friend of Célimène’s
  • Travis Turner as ACASTE, a marquess
  • Michael Pogue as CLITANDRE, a marquess
  • Elizabeth Ledo as BASQUE, Célimène’s servant and DUBOIS, Alceste’s valet
  • Desmond Gray as A GUARD of the court and  COLIN, Célimène’s servant

Understudies: Jack Birdwell, Jennifer Glasse, Henri Watkins

  • Allen Gilmore as MADAME PERNELLE,      Orgon’s mother
  • A.C. Smith as ORGON, Elmire’s husband
  • Patrese D. McClain as ELMIRE, Orgon’s      wife
  • Dominique Worsley as DAMIS, Orgon’s son
  • Grace Gealey as MARIANE, Orgon’s      daughter, Elmire’s stepdaughter, in love with Valère
  • Travis Turner as VALÈRE, in love with      Mariane
  • Michael Pogue as CLÉANTE, Orgon’s      brother-in-law
  • Philip Earl Johnson as TARTUFFE, a      hypocrite
  • Elizabeth Ledo as DORINE, Mariane’s      lady’s-maid
  • Erik Hellman as LAURENT, Tartuffe’s valet
  • Desmond Gray as MONSIEUR LOYAL, a bailiff and FLIPOTE, Mme Pernelle’s maid


  • Scenic Design by John Culbert 
  • Costume Design by Jacqueline Firkins
  • Lighting Design by Keith Parham
  • Sound Design by Andre Pluess and Josh Horvath
  • Casting by Cree Rankin
  • Production Dramaturg: Drew Dir
  • The Misanthrope Production Stage Manager: WIlliam Collins
  • The Misanthrope Stage Manager: Donald E. Claxon
  • Tartuffe Production Stage Manager: Sara Gammage
  • Tartuffe Stage Manager: William Collins
  • Molière Scholar: Larry F.      Norman